Friday, October 10, 2014

Holy black and whites, Batman!!!

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the serious lack of posting!  I am going to try doing it more often, swear!!!  I have been a very busy bee recently, and have a lot of fun shows coming up!

The next show is something that I have not done before, but I am very excited to try out!  I will be bringing my dolls to Oakland for The House of Usher Reunion Show!
 It is the weekend before Halloween, so I am making some spookier dolls that might appeal to the lovely people at the show, and there will also be an absinthe bar there, so all is good!!!
 The black and white collection has been so super fun to work on!!!  Who knew?!?
 So, ladies and gentlemen, stay posted, as I will be posting more frequently!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

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