Friday, November 7, 2014


Oh, wow.  What a great Halloween we had this year!  I made little Joseph his first Halloween costume, and he was the cutest! 

 Steve decided to surprise me by being me for Halloween.  What a dork.  But I love him so much!  That was really what I needed to cheer me up!  I am still constantly amazed at the things he does! But he is my dork, and I am grateful. 

 Tina went as the fucking creepiest Voodoo Priestess anyone could imagine.  She even won a costume contest later in the evening! 
 Somehow, I did not manage to get photos of Kyle and Kaity.  Sad.  They looked awesome, as usual, and Kaity is so amazingly beautiful! 
I am so happy to have such wonderful people in my life.  They constantly inspire me, and their love is what keeps me going everyday.  Sure, things can get pretty weird and hectic at times, but they really are the best.