Friday, February 14, 2014

Silly Valentine's

I wish I'd found these earlier! They are so funny!!!

Happy Valentine's day!!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thinking of the past...

All this rain is wonderful...!  But i find myself thinking of the past a lot.  Walking in the rain...  i used to enjoy this so much!  All i needed were my headphones and i was ready to go...  Walking for hours, singing psychotically to myself and not caring who heard.  i haven't done this for too long!  I find myself constantly working...  Working at B.F., and on my days off, working in the Her Kind studio.

 If i am watching a movie, and not working on something, i feel guilty...  This is not to say that i do not enjoy what i do, i love it!  It's one of my favorite things!!!  From making the actual product, to making little hand stamped tags, to bringing it to the shops, or selling right to someone. I love this!!!  Anyway, the rain just makes me a little nostalgic, and the kind of sad that i welcome... 

On that note, here are some bunnies that i have been making!!!

Oh, and there is a new band that I've started listening to that is amazzzzzzzing!  "Firewater."  Love...!

And one more thing to smile about...

This sweet boy.  I love him!