Friday, December 5, 2014

Hello, everyone!  I am excited to say that I am kind of getting in the Christmas spirit!  I did a bit of shopping, and last night I had my first craft fair of the season!  I even got a Christmas tree!  I can hardly believe it!  As a retail worker, I have come to dislike the holiday season in general.  Mostly due to the fact that people get grumpier this time of year, and enjoy taking it out on their cute, local yarnista (me).  But, Steve's daughter is coming this year, and I want Christmas to feel special to her, as it did to me when I was her age.  So, I have decided...  Decorating! Baking!  Perhaps a holiday movie if I am feeling especially crazy!  (But you better bet your ass it will not be anything that is not the claymation Rudolph movie with Clarice, the cute doe...) 

Anyway, let's get to the point!  My good friend, and fellow crafter, Linzi Ostrom (Creator of Cuteness), and I have been planning and organizing a fantastic craft fair!!!  We did this last year at our friend's karate dojo, and it was great!  This year, we are going all out, with this large scale event, which will be held in downtown Grass Valley at The Veteran's Hall!  We have 40 amazing artists selling their goods!  Included are some of my very favorite people in existence, including a one, Matt Seefelt!  So excited, and it is happening in the morning.  After that, I have 3 more fairs before the big XMAS day, so hold onto your britches!

Even though my hands are in some pretty terrible pain, I have been working hard (even though I probably shouldn't) to make some wonderful items that will make even better gifts!  Monster dolls, hats, boot cuffs, infinity scarves, oh my!  So, there's a lot to look forward to.  I always enjoy seeing who picks what.  Whether it be a cute punk rock couple getting a monster, little kids getting toys for their kitties, or a girl getting a fella clip for... Her fella!  It makes me so happy that I can share this with the world.  Oh, my life does have it's fulfilling moments!

And now I would like to give very special props to my amazing (And absolutely gorgeous) friend Chelsea, who not only modeled some of my new items, but helped me with projects all day long!  Life is good.  Love you all.